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Screw conveyors are commonly placed below single-shaft grinders and are the ideal solution for feeding ground material to the big-bag or to further processing.

Our augers are commonly built in open gutter section with screwed-on covers for easy maintenance and cleaning, can be built in different diameters, sections and configurations, and are ideal for keeping the workplace clean and tidy as they lend themselves well to the purpose.

Ideal for conveying granulated or bulk materials in non-filamentous sections.

All of our machines can be customized through numerous optional extras such as; (inverters, liquid drainage systems, hoppers, special bases, guards, hoods, etc.) to meet any customer’s needs.

Stainless steel construction options for the food industry.

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We distribute our Compactors and Shredders all over the world and are proud to show the quality of our Made In Italy!

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Ease of use is the goal with which our machines are built; the end user will be able to perform his or her steps in total autonomy, counting on a simple and secure system with all safety standards properly implemented.

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