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Our presses are a model of a standard manual packing binding vertical compactor.

Specifically designed to compact production and/or processing waste, as well as classic materials such as: paper, cardboard, plastic, eps packaging, nylon, big_bags, leather scraps, rags, and more.

The press is contained by an extremely strong carpentry casing that enables it to withstand the heavy and repeated loads over time to which it must be subjected, through the use of wear-resistant and thick materials.

Thanks to specially designed hydraulic propulsion and by means of its two long-stroke pressing cylinders, it is able to compact the material to the bottom of the press, allowing significant packing density.

Designed to be simple and versatile in use, as well as extremely practical to work with.

Optional supplies:

Non-standard painting and Automatic belt ejection

Available models

areas of application

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We distribute our Compactors and Shredders all over the world and are proud to show the quality of our Made In Italy!

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Ease of use is the goal with which our machines are built; the end user will be able to perform his or her steps in total autonomy, counting on a simple and secure system with all safety standards properly implemented.

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